How much does TipeeeStream cost?

The Creation of a TipeeeStream account is completely free and the tipper does not need to pay any fees. To say it simple, if a viewer wants to donate 10 Euros to the streamer, he will only pay 10 Euro, nothing more nothing less.

Upon payment, fees will be applied to the streamer. Those fees consist of several aspects, depending on the chosen payment method (PayPal, Credit Card, Paysafecard, Sofort, etc.), the currency and the amount of the tip.

For understanding and transparency reasons, we build a chart showing exactly how these costs arise:

Donation Others Platforms
(PayPal, StreamLabs, StreamElements)
TipeeeStream Only on TipeeeStream Only on TipeeeStream Only on TipeeeStream
${ amount | formatCurrency(currency) } ${ (amount * 0.019+0.35) | formatCurrency(currency) } ${ (amount * 0.018+0.35) | formatCurrency(currency) } ${ (amount * 0.034+0.25) | formatCurrency(currency) } ${ (amount * 0.029+0.30) | formatCurrency(currency) } ${ (amount * 0.029+0.29) | formatCurrency(currency) } ${ (amount * 0.029+0.29) | formatCurrency(currency) } ${ realpscprice[amount].commission|formatCurrency(currency) } - - ${ realidealprice[amount].commission|formatCurrency(currency) }

If you want to know more about the fees, or if you have any questions regarding TipeeeStream please feel free to read our General Terms & Conditions or by contacting us: [email protected]

What donation methods are available ?

TipeeeStream has several donation methods, including Credit Card, PayPal, Paysafecard and local payment means (Sofortüberweisung, Giropay). we work in collaboration with Mangopay, our 100% secure Payment solution for Fanfunding, Crowdfunding and market places.

How to get my money ?

Tips made using PayPal are instantly transferred to your PayPal account.

Donations made by Credit Card, Paysafecard, Sofortüberweisung, Giropay and iDeal will be wired to your bank account every Monday on a weekly basis, depending on your bank it may take between 1 and 5 working days before they are shown in your bank account. PSC has a 1500 Euro per week limit. If you exceed this limit, the remaining PSC money will be wired to your bank account after a 5 week delay.

When and how to verify my TipeeeStream account ?

After you activated “Visa, MasterCard, etc.” you have to verify your account in order to receive more than 1000 $/€ to your bank account. You can verify your account at any time.

This step is required by the Law and the legislations regarding Crowd- and Fanfunding. Your personal documents will not be stored on our personal servers but on the servers of our 100% secure online bank, Mangopay, authorized to do so.

How do I customize/setup my public tipping page?

Head to /dashboard/donation-settings and fill out the form to your liking.

What is Clipeee (support by watching music videos)?

Clipeee is a new feature available right now on your donation page. It allows your viewers to support your work for free, just by watching music videos. It’s currently in Beta in France and will be released worldwide soon.

How do I activate/deactivate Clipeee on my page?

This feature is activated by default on your donnation page.
You can deactivate it in the "Settings" section of your dashboard.

How much can I earn with it?

You'll earn 3 cents each time a viewer watches a video for at least one minute (this length may vary from video to video).

How and when do I get the money earned with Clipeee?

The amount of money you've generated by Clipeee is visible on your dashboard (in the "Live Event" section). This money will be wired to you on the first week of each month, starting at 10 cents.
Beware: you must have a bank account registered on TipeeeStream for us to be able to pay you. If you haven't registered one yet, please go to the Settings of your page and activate this method of donnation.

Are there any limitations to the use of Clipeee?

Yes, each view is processed by an algorithm to avoid any abusive usage of the feature.

Information for french users:

Pour les utilisateurs français de TipeeeSTream, nous sommes tenus de mettre à disposition à nos utilisateurs un lien électronique vers les sites des administrations portant les informations sur les obligations fiscales et sociales incombant aux personnes qui réalisent des transactions commerciales par notre intermédiaire (CGI, art. 242 bis, I).
Les sites des administrations dont les liens doivent être mis à disposition sur les sites internet édités par les plates-formes de mise en relation par voie électronique sont les suivants :
- sur www.impots.gouv.fr, concernant les obligations fiscales, lien ci-dessous :
- sur www.urssaf.fr, concernant les obligations sociales, lien ci-dessous :