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? $d : days, $m : months, $y : years, $h : hours, $mn : minutes, $s : seconds
? $d : days, $h : hours, $mn : minutes, $s : seconds, $ms : milliseconds
? $d : days, $h : hours, $mn : minutes, $s : seconds
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bounce, flash, pulse, rubberBand, shake, swing, tada, wobble, jello, bounceIn, bounceInDown, bounceInLeft, bounceInRight, bounceInUp, bounceOut, bounceOutDown, bounceOutLeft, bounceOutRight, bounceOutUp, fadeIn, fadeInDown, fadeInDownBig, fadeInLeft, fadeInLeftBig, fadeInRight, fadeInRightBig, fadeInUp, fadeInUpBig, fadeOut, fadeOutDown, fadeOutDownBig, fadeOutLeft, fadeOutLeftBig, fadeOutRight, fadeOutRightBig, fadeOutUp, fadeOutUpBig, flipInX, flipInY, flipOutX, flipOutY, lightSpeedIn, lightSpeedOut, rotateClockwise, rotateCounterClockwise, rotateIn, rotateInDownLeft, rotateInDownRight, rotateInUpLeft, rotateInUpRight, rotateOut, rotateOutDownLeft, rotateOutDownRight, rotateOutUpLeft, rotateOutUpRight, hinge, rollIn, rollOut, zoomIn, zoomInDown, zoomInLeft, zoomInRight, zoomInUp, zoomOut, zoomOutDown, zoomOutLeft, zoomOutRight, zoomOutUp, slideInDown, slideInLeft, slideInRight, slideInUp, slideOutDown, slideOutLeft, slideOutRight, slideOutUp