Nouveau background disponible !

Chers streamers,

Chez TipeeeStream nous avons toujours à coeur de vous founir des nouvelles features et améliorer l'expérience de vos viewers et donateurs. Pour cela, un nouveau background a été mis en ligne sur votre page de donation.

Il a été dessiné et animé en vidéo par l'illustrateur & amateur de gaming Dedouze, dont vous pouvez découvrir les travaux ici : Vous pouvez bien entendu revenir à votre ancien arrière plan en vous rendant dans les paramètres de votre page ici : et en désactivant l'option "use default background video". N'hésitez pas à nous donner votre avis sur twitter ou bien en nous écrivant à [email protected]

A très vite

Server issues and missed alerts

Dear TipeeeStream streamer,

Over the last couple of weeks, our servers were running into some issues.

These down times were the outcome of a series of big and heavy DDoS attacks. Because of these aggressions we worked extra hard the last weeks to improve our defense systems as much as we can and will continue to do so. No personal or bank information have been compromised by these attacks.

Currently, we were already able to almost completely defend those offensives and found a solution to ultimately defend those attacks in the near future. We are working hard to achieve those 100% again and secure maximum stability for your streams.

We are deeply sorry for any missed alerts and we are working hard to ensure the best experience while using TipeeeStream.

Any features you want us to add or wishes you did not yet tell us about? Be sure to let us know! [email protected]

Don't forget to follow us on twitter for the latest news:)

Best regards,

Your TipeeeStream Team

SuperChat on Youtube!

Hello YouTube-citizens of Tipeeestream,

from today on Superchat alerts will be working for YouTube! 

It is super easy to set it up, if your have chosen YouTube as your "Master-Account" (can be done here: ) you can just go to your alert box and you will find the tab "Superchat". The Superchat works like a general alert, but of course you can change the wording, the gif and so on.

Also if you have YouTube as your master account, your Dashboard will look a bit differently now:

The Superchat can also be found in the following widgets:

  • live events
  • top and last 
  • event in real time 

We had some questions about the YouTube chat widget, currently we are running into some problems with the YouTube API regulations (the Superchat will not be affected by this), we are currently in contact with YouTube so that the chat widget will be soon be working aswell again.

Any features you want us to add or wishes you did not yet tell us about? Be sure to let us know! [email protected]

Don't forget to follow us on twitter for the latest news:)

Best regards, 

Your TipeeeStream Team

Skip/Delay alerts

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream,

another long requested feature went online today! You can now skip alerts, have a delay to your alerts and even let your mods skip those alerts that should not be seen on stream(hateful message) or just an annoying text to speech message...<><>><><>@@@@ (yes people are super funny).

Lets start step by step:

Level 1: Skip Alerts

1) Upon clicking on the button you skip the chosen alert

2) Upon clicking on "Skip current alerts" all your alerts even the ones queued will be skipped Both of these options will also skip the text to speech and the YouTube video.

Level 2: Add delay to your alerts

We understand that you cannot look all the time into your real time events if maybe bad alert is about to happen. For that reason can you now add a delay to all your upcoming alerts.

It is super easy to set up, click on your configuration wheel in the real time events and then a pop-up looking like that will open.

The first line is purely to optimize some of the real time events to your pleasing, for example if you are a multi-streamer and want some extra icons or if you would just like to see hosts above 10 viewers. Hint: This does not affect your alerts in any way.

The second line is for setting up the delay. You can add any delay that you want, after you get for example a donation, that donation will already be shown in your real time events but "waits" until the delay ended and will then create an alert on stream. If you pressed the skip button before, the donation will never be seen on stream.

Level 3: Moderator control for your real time events

We know that a streamer that has a lot do and that gets a lot of alerts on daily basis might even have trouble with a 10sec delay for example.

Thats why we added the option, that you can give mods or trusted persons access to your account. Follow this link and go to the admin section on the right side:

Important: Your admins will only have access to some parts of your account like the real time events or your alerts, they will however NOT see your personal information  (example: bank, paypal, your name etc.)

Once you connected an admin to your account, he or she will have an extra dropdown menu in the top right corner:

Any features you want us to add to that bot/bugs or wishes you did not yet tell us about? Be sure to let us know! [email protected]

Don't forget to follow us on twitter for the latest news:)

Best regards,

Your TipeeeStream Team

Chat Notifications/Messages

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream,

a long requested feature went online today! From now on you can activate chat notifications for donations/subscriptions/follows/cheers/sponors via TipeeeStream

You can design your own messages and if you want only activate the notifications for specific events like donations.

So how does it work/how can you turn it on?

It is super easy to set up, just go to your dashboard. Next to the Real time events and above the current session you will find a new section: "Chat Notifications" 

Turn the slider to on and after click on the configuration wheel. 

The pop up is pretty self explaining: 

1) Choose the streaming service you are using (the chat notifications work for all services at the same time if you are multi-platform streamer) 

2) Activate/Deactivate the chat notifications you would like to use and personalize the text to your pleasing 

3) You need to press "Save" and reopen the window before doing any simulations

Hint: Twitch emotes like Kappa can be used in the message and will display the actual emote, by the end of this week also the personal emotes of the streamers will work.

extra) As a Twitch streamer you can also adjust the name of the bot, it will then write in your name (spooky we know) :) This will also be possible for Beam streamer in the coming week. 

Any features you want us to add to that bot/bugs or wishes you did not yet tell us about? Be sure to let us know! [email protected]

Don't forget to follow up on twitter for the latest news:) 

Best regards, 

Your TipeeeStream Team 

SC-Live edit in OBS/XSplit

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream,

good news everybody, you can now directly move your scene creator widgets in obs or xsplit without having to access TipeeeeStream.

Move & Adjust your widgets

Hide your widgets 

We love the idea of the scene creator, for you as a streamer to have all your widgets and overlays in one url. One of the biggest problems with the Scene Creator was that while you were streaming you could not adjust/hide your widgets like you normally you do in OBS/XSplit. To adjust your widgets you had to log into TipeeeStream, go to the SceneCreator, open your scene and then move or hide the widgets....this is in the past now! 

You can now move every widget from your scene creator scenes directly inOBS/XSplit and also hide it, if you don't need that particular widget right now. 

So how can you do that? 

Open your Scene Creator and then go into any of your Scenes.

1. Click on the "Launch" button in the top right corner 

2. A new pop up opens. In the pop-up turn "Enable show/hide and drag of elements in stream" to on. 

2.1 After you have done that, your URL will change and it will have the wording "liveedit" in it. 

After a quick restart of your OBS/XSplit or just a new copy paste of the URL the new function is enabled. While streaming you can now easily move/hide your widgets by right clicking on your source and then just clicking on "Interact". A new pop up will open in your OBS/ and you can then move your widgets around.

For XSplit you need to go to "Lock position" in the "Layout" tab. 

Any features/bugs or wishes you did not yet tell us about? Be sure to let us know! [email protected]
Don't forget to follow up on twitter for the lastest news:)

Best regards,

Your TipeeeStream Team

SceneCreator: Stickies

Hello citizens of TipeeeStream, 

we added a new feature to our scene Creator, Stickies

You can now give special users in your chat permission, to post important messages that will be shown in your overlay. 

You as a streamer can give allowance to special users like mods or even your bots, so that they can post important information onto your stream, or just questions that are asked too much in chat. Raffles, will you play a different game after and if yes, at what time. 

This feature is just a help for you and your mods to deliver certain information more clearly to your viewers, espacially the ones that watch in full screen.

How to set it up and other questions: 

1. Go to your SceneCreator and click in the "SCENE TOOLS" section on "Text" 

2. In the pop up click in the section "SOURCE" on the drop down menu and choose "Get from chat (Youtube and Twitch only)"

A new pop up opens, with some features on how to set it up: 

1. Enter the names of the users that you want that have access to it. 

2. If you want, you can also show the username on stream, so your viewers know who to ask if they have follow up questions. 

3. As you can see in the first picture, only the message that started with # is shown in the stream, like this your chosen users for this feature can still write normally in your chat and only if they have something important to say, they add the symbol or text in front of their message. (Note, if the message should be deleted..cause the raffle is over for example, the user just types for example # in chat and the last message gets deleted on stream) 

4. Normal font settings for that message 

5. Text align settings, so that for example longer messages always start on the left/right. 

If you have questions or follow up requests regarding this feature, just let us know: 

[email protected] 

Don't forget to follow up on twitter for the lastest news:) 

Best regards 

Your TipeeeStream Team


Hello citizens of Tipeeestream, 
just some new features, we have a lot more to come for this year:) 

Before we start with the news, we want to apologize for the problems text to speech created to some streamers. The error was created due to a change from Google.

Media player

We added a media player, in short you can now activate a new option in your donation page that allows your viewers to add a youtube video to the donation that is played after the normal alert. We made a video explaining how the feature works.

TutorialVideo :

Attention: We advise you to use this feature for a weekly troll stream or a funday monday. In our opinion you should not always have that feature turned on, since it can reduce the quality of your stream.


Our friends from have added our service to their platform. They are a new solution to OBS or Xsplit, with some very cool advantages: 

  • low CPU usage due to cloud compositing and encoding. 
  • save all of your projects to the cloud and access them from anywhere. 
  • stream with a friend by importing their gameplay and webcam right into your stream. 
  • start, stop, and switch scenes right from your mobile phone. 
  • get help instantly with live chat support built right in. 

They have created a very cool tool that works very well with our scene creator. Go check them out :)


We noticed that a lot of people don't read our pop up news notifications, since they click too fast, or are just in a rush. In top right corner you will find from now out a notification bell similar to YouTube, displaying our latest features with a direct link to the complete n

Live Events

We fixed some issues with the sizing of live events and added a a new overwatch theme.

Any features/bugs or wishes you did not yet tell us about? Be sure to let us know! [email protected]
Don't forget to follow up on twitter for the lastest news:)

Best regards 

Your TipeeeStream Team 


Hello citizens of Tipeeestream,

just a little recap of things we added or improved before the weekend starts. 

1) Chat! 

We know our chat always had some flaws and was not as good as the one from our competitors. 

So we gave our chat a little polish. What exactly did we change?

a) just looks better in general now 

b) you do not have to log into bttv and frankerfacez anymore, for the chat to be working 

c) we added "clean" a new Template/Theme 

d) we added the different loyalty badges of the subscriber 

e) we added the Twitch-Prime badges 

f) the personal emotes are bigger now 

future g) we will add more themes as we go along

2) Dark theme 

In the top right Corner, you will now have a sun/moon button that switches between the light and the dark side. 

After pressing the button it will turn into this:


Thanks to necr1te for the idea;) If you guys see anything that is not really visible or hard to read, please let us know:) 

3) For the real time events, we added a little configuration button:

upon pressing that button you will have two options: 

a) the minimum host amount before it is shown in the real time events, so for that example you will see only hoster that host you with at least 5 viewer 

b) the first subscriber month, can be added to the resub count (just like in the alert) More options will follow, so everyone can personalize the real time events to his personal favorite setting. 

4) Your viewer can now seperate their amount either with a . or with a , both will work now. So for example 1,1€ or 1.1€ will both give the streamer 1 euro and 10 cents and will not be automatically changed back to 1 Euro.


5) We added a minecraft theme to the live events and an Overwatch theme will follow shortly.


We have a lot more feature still scheduled for this year and some great things for next year. 

We are grateful for all the feedback and all the help provided through you guys! 

Any features/bugs or wishes you did not yet tell us about? Be sure to let us know ! [email protected] 

Don't forget to follow up on twitter for the lastest news:) 

Best regards and have a nice weekend, 

Your TipeeeStream Team


Hey guys,

We added the amazon prime subs, please restart your widget!

Switch scenes, restart obs, or just uncheck the box for the old obs:)

Have a nice weekend and sorry for being european(we were sleeping when it was announced) ;)

Paysafecards: only 1 week delay!

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream

Good news everybody, from next week on, Paysafecard will only have one week delay. This means that all Donations/Tips collected with Paysafecard during a week will be automatically transferred to your bank account on the next monday. Remember that there are no transfer fees for European transfers.

The transfertab will look something like this then:

This is by far the most wished for thing on TipeeeStream and we thought for a while on how to make this possible, given that we ourselves only get the money one month after.

We thought about adding an external service, but we wand to keep the process simple and don't want to add extra hidden costs. Also, it is kind of annoying to go to an extra page everytime you want a part of your money and then you also have to pay extra withdrawal fees. 

Note: Monday will be a big payout for some pepople, due to the fact that the next 5 weeks are all merged to the upcoming monday. 

Please take a screenshot from your current transfertab, just to be sure.

2) We also made a fix for the Cheers, please restart your obs/xsplit when you find the time.

Any features/bugs or wishes you did not yet tell us about?
Be sure to let us know ! [email protected]

Don't forget to follow up on twitter for the lastest news:)

Best regards,

Your TipeeeStream Team

TS + YoutubeGaming

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream,

this news will only be for users that want to use YoutubeGaming. If that is not the case, we wish you a pleasant week. 

Last week we implemented Youtube alerts to our website and they are working great. 

We added an alert for the subscribers(follows on twitch) and the sponsors/vip(subscribers on twitch). We know these different names can be kind of confusing:)

The subscriber alert (follows) can already be used by everybody who streams on Youtube, the sponsor/partner/VIP-program alert(like the sub button from twitch) is also working but we cannot give that to you, you have to apply to Youtube for that. But when you have that button, it will also create an alert if somebody becomes your sponsor. 

Counters and Goals can also be used. 

How to set it up? (it is super easy) 

1. Go to your account settings on the left 


3. Click on the Youtube-Connect button 

4. Chose the Youtube-Channel you are streaming with 

5. Finished 

WARNING: If you have already done this a while back, please remove the youtube connection and redo that process. 


For this to be working, your viewers have to access their privacy settings(before they press the subscribe button) on Youtube and have to make sure that i looks like this: 

or like this 

If "Keep my subscriptions private" is turned on when the viewer subscribes(follows) we CANNOT see it and therefore CANNOT create an alert.

Any features/bugs or wishes you did not yet tell us about?
Be sure to let us know !  [email protected]

Don't forget to follow up on twitter for the lastest news:)

Best regards,

Your TipeeeStream Team

Mp4 and Cheers

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream,

we just want to provide you with an update of things we added in the last 2 weeks. 

Mp4 and Webm! 

You can now add Mp4/Webm files in your alert box to make those alerts extra cool and even more personal without having to adjust the sound to your gif.

Hint: When adding an Mp4 please, remove the old sound file (clicking on the trash) so you don't hear two sounds in your alert.

We also added a loading bar so you can better see how long your upload will take. 

The max upload file size atm is 30Mb but if that is not for you and you crave for more just tell us:) 

We are also working on an Alertbox-Version2 to bring you alerts to the next level, we don't want to say to much but it is gonna be awesome:) 


For people not knowing what cheers are, follow this link:

We had a bug on the first day of cheering, we fixed that..but if you turned it of because of that we advise you to give it another shot. 

Cheering/Bits can be found in:

- Alertbox, with a graduation, text to speech and of course a minimum amount

- Top and last, if you want to extra highlight the last guy who dropped you some Bits 

- RealTimeEvents in your Dashboard, so you have an easy overview over the last people who gave you some bits (of course you can turn this of aswell)

- LiveEvents, since we really like the LiveEvents, we added cheers there as well so your viewer can have an easy overview over previous cheerings


As stated above, we really like the LiveEvents (and so do you) and thats why we added TopDonator to that list. 

This Top Donator is bound to your current session and you can reset it in your dashboard.

The Top Donator is fixed and will not move like the rest of your LiveEvents, if a new TopDonation is made, it will just replace the current TopDonator. Since today we also added an automatic merge by name for the TopDonator, if wanted we can also add a option to merge this by email or not be merged at all. 

A little sneak peak in features we are working on at the moment: Translation of the whole page in different languages, AlertBox-Version2, more support for YouTubeGaming, interactive "games for the cheering and many more. 

Any features/bugs or wishes you did not yet tell us about? 

Be sure to let us know! [email protected] 

Don't forget to follow up on twitter for the lastest news:)

Best regards, 

Your TipeeeStream Team

lets talk money:)

Hello citizen of Tipeeestream, 

lets talk money:)

1) We have been working on this for a while now and got a lotttttttttt request for that, but we finally realized the first step of the 5 week delay for bank transfers.

From next monday on, Sofortüberweisung, IDeal, CreditCard and Giropay will only have a one week delay and will still be fraud free (no chargebacks).

You will find the new table here: or if you are to lazy to check, it could look something like this: 

We are also working on the delay and pricing of PaySafeCards but again, we will let you guys know.

2) The HappyHours have been a great event for us, we gave a total of around 10000€ extra to you guys. 

We did 18 of them with an average of 3 hours. We have no reported case of exploits or anything like this. We just wanted to give something extra back to the streamers and we think we accomplished that. The money will be paid out this month, we are not sure when exactly, but we will let you know. 

Since it went so great, we are already planning another month of HappyHours...stay tuned. made an extra of 270€ and took 1st place, his community went wild:D

3) We added a refund transaction fees button for PayPal donations.

If you notice a refund on one of your PayPal transactions, just click this button behind that particular PayPal transaction: in your donation list and we will then automatically reimburse you(after checking with paypal) with the transaction and commission fees.

We just want to give people the feature to be a bit saver with us, even if there are a lot of trolling people out there, the streamer should not be the one responsible for them.

4) We added "Dutch" as an language option for your donation page:

Thanks again for the translation: :)

Are we missing any languages? Be sure to let us know!

Best regards,

Your TipeeeStream Team


Hello citizens of Tipeeestream,

on Tipeeestream an event called HappyHour occurs at the moment. 

If you don't know what it is, check out your dashboard ( or to keep it simple: for every PayPal donation in a certain time period we give 1€ on top of the donation.

We already had 7 HappyHours and due to that you guys had some questions about it, so we will answer them quickly. 

Q: When are these HappyHour's?

A: The starting point is chosen by TipeeeStream and will be posted on Twitter 

Since so far we very pretty with how the HappyHour's are going we decided, that this week (20.6-26.6), we will do a HH every day starting at 7PM and then up to 3 hours long. 

Q: Does the amount of the donator matter? 

A: No! There is no difference in giving 1€ or 150€ to the streamer, the extra euro will be added to every PP Donation. 

Q: This must be a troll! Why else would Tipeeestream do that? 

A: We just wanted to use these HappyHour's as a little thank you to all the streamers that use our service and to push donation hypes for the streamers. Nothing more, we promise :) 

Q: When and where do i get this extra money? 

A: You will receive the extra money in July and it will be wired to your PayPal account.

Little feature talk:) We added a trigger for the transfer list: for people that want to collect a certain minimum amount before the transfer is made. In the near future we will change our 5 week concept and donation made via Sofortüberweisung/IDeal/Giropay and Creditcard will only have one week delay! So we thought it would be good to a trigger, so people don't get every little amount on their bank account.

Au mois de juin c'est le temps des Happy Hours sur TipeeeStream

Si vous ne savez pas de quoi il s'agit, allez jeter un oeil à votre dashboard, mais pour faire simple: pour toute donation faite par Paypal pendant la période d'Happy Hours nous rajoutons 1€ à votre crédit. 

Déjà 7 Happy Hours ont été lancés, et il semble que beaucoup d'entre vous ont des questions par rapport à ça, donc nous allons tâcher d'y répondre succinctement ci-dessous. 

Q: Quand ont lieux ces Happy Hours?

A: L'heure du début de l'Happy Hours est choisi par l'équipe, et elle sera publiée sur Twitter (n'hésitez pas à nous suivre pour ne rien louper ;) ) Cette semaine, on est de très bonne humeur, alors il y aura un HH chaque jour, dès ce soir, à partir de 19h (3h maximum).

Q: Est-ce que le montant de la donation a un rapport avec le bonus donné pendant l'Happy Hours? 

A: Non ! Peu importe que vous receviez 1ou 150€ nous rajoutons 1€ supplémentaire à chaque donation. 

Q: C'est du troll, pourquoi TipeeeStream voudrait nous donner de l'argent sinon?

A: Parce qu'on vous aime :) Plus sérieusement, c'est notre façon à nous de vous remercier d'utiliser nos services, de nous faire confiance, et c'est aussi pour vous un bon moyen d'entretenir la hype avec vos viewers autour des donations. 

Q: Quand recevrais-je cet argent ?
A: En Juillet, directement sur votre compte PayPal. Nous vous informerons dès que les transferts sont faits ! 

Ah et autre chose :

Nous avons ajouté un "trigger" pour la liste des transferts d'argent (CB, Sofort, Paysafecard...) : Utile pour les personnes qui souhaitent atteindre un certain montant avant de déclencher un virement bancaire.  

Best regards,

Your TipeeeStream Team


Scene Creator, Chat Box, and Alert Box updates

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream,

Today we bring you another update about things we implemented in the last weeks.

1. Our Scene Creator (an all in one solution) went online last week. Please keep in mind that this is a first beta version. Thousands of scenes have already been created since then. Awesome! We still have a lot of things planned with the scene creator but if you have any wishes or if you see room for improvement let us know.

If you have no idea what we are talking about go and check it out

2. We released a chat box widget since we got a lot of requests for that. We will add more themes as we go (can also be found in the scene creator). Discover the feature

3. Since the beginning people always had special requests on how to position the text/gif. It is now possible to adjust the text/gif just like you want it to be. See a preview

4. We added little pencils next to every option where you have a number slider. The delay of the info slider can now be pushed up to one hour for example. See a preview

5. We fixed all the follow and host bugs that were reported to us and everything should run smoothly now. If you still problems or hard delays please contact us right away: [email protected]

Best regards,

Your TipeeeStream Team

We need your help :)

Hey guys,

in the upcoming days we will release a bigger feature we have been working on for a while now. But before we do that, we would like to offer the best website we can, meaning that we want to remove as many bugs and problems before that.

If you have any problems, bugs or see room for improvement, please drop us a mail at [email protected] with an explanation, screens or maybe even a little video (that would be awesome). Thanks for the help in advance! 

Known bugs: Follow/Host Delay 

We already released a new Version of the desktop tool to remove the bugs that were reported to us regarding the tool. Also for another Feature we will have to re-ask for Twitch/Hitbox-chat authorization. This will not affect any settings already done in your account. 


Hallo Leute,

in den nächsten Tagen werden wir ein relativ großes Feature veröffentlichen, an welchem wir jetzt länger schon gearbeitet haben. Um euch die bestmögliche Stream-Seite bieten zu können, möchten wir so viele Fehler (Bugs) wie möglich beheben, bevor wir dieses neue Feature releasen.

Hierbei benötige wir eure Mithilfe, falls Ihr irgendwelche Fehler, Probleme oder Verbesserungsvorschläge habt wäre es super, wenn Ihr uns eine Email an [email protected] schreibt. Falls Ihr dies tut, bitte fügt einen Erklärungstext (mit eurem Twitch/Hitbox-Namen), Bilder oder sogar kleinen Videos hinzu.

Bekannte Fehler: Follow/Host-Verzögerung 

Wir haben bereits eine neue Version des Desktoptools veröffentlicht, (arbeiten aber natürlich weiterhin an dem Tool) desweiteren müssen wir für unser Chat-Feature(ist nicht das oben genannte) erneut für eure Autorisierung zwecks des Twitch/Hitbox-Chats fragen. Dies wird aber nichts innerhalb eures Accounts verändern.


Bonjour à tous,

Dans les jours qui viennent nous allons mettre en ligne une nouvelle fonctionnalité, sur laquelle nous travaillons depuis longtemps. Avant ça nous voudrions vous proposer le meilleur service possible, ce qui implique que nous réglions la plupart des bugs et problèmes que vous avez rencontrés jusqu'à présent.

Aussi, si vous avez un problème quelconque, que vous voyez un bug, ou quelque chose qui pourrait être amélioré, n'hésitez pas à nous envoyer un mail à [email protected] en y joignant un descriptif du problème/bug, des captures écrans ou même une vidéo, ça nous aiderait grandement ;) En vous remerciant par avance pour votre aide !

Bugs connus: délai trop long pour les alertes follow/host.

Nous avons déjà réalisé une nouvelle version du Desktop Tool afin de corriger les bugs que vous nous avait fait remonter. Par ailleurs, lors de la mise en ligne d'une autre fonctionnalité, nous allons devoir vous demander une nouvelle autorisation Twitch/Hitbox, cependant ne vous inquiétez pas cela n'aura aucune incidence sur les paramètres déjà établis sur votre compte TipeeeStream.


Best regards,

your TipeeeStreamTeam

Features, more Features:)

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream, today we bring you another update about things we implemented in the last two weeks. 

1. Desktop Tool 

We know a lot of people waited a long time for that, but it is finally here. Please keep in mind that it is our first official version. So please drop us your feedback :)

What is the purpose of that tool? 

The Desktop Tool is a desktop based program that generates .txt-files of chosen events in your stream. These files will be saved on your computer and via OBS or Xsplit events like the top donator, sub counter or the last follower can be shown.

The tool was created in cooperation with the "Mod-Team" ( A big thank you shout out goes to them. If you are ever in need of good, professional Mod's for your channel go and check them out. 

2. Live-Events 

The "Live Events" is a list of your most recent stream events. Stuff like donation, subs and follows can be displayed in here. We added a lot of options so you can design the most suitable list for you. Align to the right will follow next week :)

3. Info-Slider 

A very cool extra that went online yesterday. You can now add personal little info sliders. They will pop up in your stream with your social media for example :) + a delay:) You don't really understand what it is? Just check it!

3.1 Together with the Info-Slider we changed our menu on the left, and placed the "Info-Slider"-, the "Hype-Train"- and our "Straw-poll"widget in the area "Streamer Experience". We have a lot more to come, so like this it is less crowded.

4. Different languages for your donation page 

Pretty much self explaining, you can now change the language of your donation page, to make it more suitable to the viewers watching your stream. Are we missing a language? Just hit up via E-mail and tell us what language you would wish for.

5. Merge by-Email-ID 

We added an Email-ID for the "Dashboard", the "Donation-List" and the "Top and Last". You can now merge your Top-Donator(s) per Email. Please keep in mind that for "Sofortüberweisung" we can not legally force people to give us an Email. 

6. Text to speech update + random function

We added more languages + a random function to our Text to speech. We also enabled special characters again. Please tell us immediately if one of those is killing your CLR-Browser.

If you have any questions or more ideas on how to improve Tipeeestream do not hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected] 

The first draft of the Info-Slider was provided by

For our Xsplit users, Xsplit released a new Version, please update your flash player, or you will have problems with the sound.

Best regards, 

your TipeeeStreamTeam

Choo Choo

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream, 

today we bring you another update about things we implemented in the last week. 

1. Hypetrain/Subtrain or however you want to call it is now online. We know that the feature is a bit complex at the beginning, but we will release a video very soon explaining all the features and what can be done with the widget. If you want to catch a first glimpse yourself, here you go:

2. Strawpoll went live. We will release a video explaining the function of this widget as well. You can now show live on your stream results of votes, for example the next game you should play or what you should get for dinner (always go with burger or pizza if you can). 

3. We added the option that you can now manually block the IP of a donator (scam, trolls) :) Next week we will also add the option that you can hide donations that should not be shown in your widgets (top and last/goal/counter). 

4. We pushed the donation duration to 60seconds (+delay from text to speech) and also added a "start speech after sound" option. This means that our system automatically knows when your song/sound has ended and will start talking after that. Important, if activated please reduce the delay of text to speech to zero. Like this:

We updated our Roadmap, so you can see what is planned next for Tipeeestream:

If you have any questions or more ideas on how to improve Tipeeestream do not hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected]

Best regards,

your TipeeeStreamTeam

Twitchalerts is without fees now. PayPal is not.

Twitch alerts is without fees now, PayPal is not. 

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream, 

Today Twitch-alerts announced that they are not taking any more fees. This is correct. 


PayPal-fees still apply and thanks to our special conditions, are we still cheaper than Twitch-alerts or Streamtip. 

Example for 1 Euro:

you will be charged 0,28€ on Twitch-Alerts

you will be charged 0,26€ on Tipeeestream (no extra costs)

Example for 100 Euro:

you will be charged 3.65 € on Twitch-Alerts

you will be charged 2,28€ on Tipeeestream (no extra costs)

We just made a 1 Euro donation on a Twitch-Alerts account (check the date and time):

As you can see, 28 cent PayPal transactions fees are still applied.

We updated our table of transaction fees for the different competitors and as you can see we are still cheaper for any given amount. In our fees the transactions costs for PayPal (other payment options) are already included. No hidden extra costs have to be paid by the streamer.

If you have any questions or more ideas on how to improve Tipeeestream do not hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected]

Best regards,

your TipeeeStreamTeam

PSC and a little FAQ

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream, 

as the majority of you know, we finally did implement PSC (PaySafeCards) last week.

Regarding to that, we got a lot of feedback and questions. We made a little FAQ with the most asked questions. 

1. How do I get my money?

After activating your bank account, the money will be automatically transferred to the bank account you have entered (yes you have to enter a bank account to use PSC).

2. Can I have the money on my PayPal­account? 

No this is not an option for the moment. Only tips made via PayPal are transferred to your PayPal account. 

3. It has been 3 days, where is my money?When do I get my money?

It takes 5 weeks before the first transactions will be made, after that you will get a transaction every week (if you stream on a regular basis). All the needed information can be found here:­out This step is necessary to bring you other payment methods that are not PayPal and to prevent any kind of fraud. 

4. I am from the Swiss, does PSC work for me? In which countries does PSC work? 

PSC is available for everybody in Europe for now. 

5. How much does it cost? How much % do I get as a streamer? 

All the costs can be found in our FAQ : From Transactions made by PSC the streamer will get from around 70% to 80%, depending on the amount of the Tip (the exact formulas can be found in our General Terms of Usage, here:

If you have any questions or more ideas on how to improve Tipeeestream do not hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected] 

Thanks again for all the help provided through you! 

Best regards, 

your TipeeeStreamTeam

Widgets in real time / Custom events simulations

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream, today we bring you another update :) 

Please restart your OBS or XSplit before streaming (if for example a top or last is not shown, re-copy the URL from Tipeeestream in your obs and refresh the source) 

- for the donation graduation you can now add a differnt sound+gif for the highest donation for your current session

- the goal finisher can now be optional with a choosen duration, after that, the goal bar will just keep going till you disable it yourself, so 250€/200€ is now possible

- we added real time alert for top and last (so no delay there anymore) 

-we added different amounts for the "simulate a donation" 

If you have any questions or more ideas on how to improve Tipeeestream do not hesitate to contact us via email: 

[email protected] 

Have a nice week, 

your Tipeeestream-Team

Open API available / Background texture / Manual donation

Hello citizens of Tipeeestream, today we bring you another big update :) Before we begin, we changed something in our code, please restart your OBS or XSplit before streaming.

1) We added a text animation Feature for the Alerts. You can upload any given picture or GIF and we will convert the colours into your text. We also have some themes you can choose for you in store. The feature can be found in the layout and is called "Texture Image". Your alert could look like this:

2) We have added an open API (with OAuth authentication, documentation and more) so other programs can connect to our Tool so that for example donations can be implemented in mini games.

HINT: Please give your API away with caution since it gives almost full access to your information saved on Tipeeestream.

3) We added a Sublist, showing when the sub came in, with the name and if it is a re-sub for how many months the subscriber is already supporting your stream. The sublist can be found in the drop down of the dashboard.

4) You can now add manual donations. If you have used a different service before and you want your top donator from last year still be shown with our "top and last widget", just add his name and the amount in your donation list. They will be shown with a different colour so you can easily identfy them.

5) Last but not least, we added a half and full circle to the donation goal template options.

If you have any questions or more ideas on how to improve Tipeeestream do not hesitate to contact us via email: 

[email protected]

Thanks again for all the help provided!

Have a nice week,

your Tipeeestream-Team

Custom CSS / Kaspersky trick

Greetings guys,

Today we implemented the custom css. The feature can be found in the edition page of your alert boxes, goals, etc. 
As always, if you have any bugs please report them right back to us :)

One other thing, we are having some issues with Kaspersky blocking us in the clr obs-plugin, please make sure to make your Kaspersky settings look something like that : 

Have a nice week, 
your Tipeeestream-Team

Custom donation page / Real time events

Today we release our first big all around update. Normally we just implement new features as we go, but since we gave our starting page a new look we also wanted to implement some cool new features. 

We also want to use this announcement as a big thank you shout out for all the streamers using our tool and an extra high­five (or hug depending on the streamer) for all the input given to us. We are just at the beginning of our adventure and have a lot of cool things still in store for you.

But enough of the sentimental words, let's talk features: ­ 
- we gave your personal donation page a little boost, you can now change the colour of the head of the donation page, removed the "other" and you can now implement a gif as your avatar (maybe of you dancing?). Check an example here: ­

- the real time events can now be popped out to have an extra window, so while streaming you will only need that little window, showing the donations+text, the subs+resubs (months), follows and hosts or if you like the look of the little window..nothing at all:) ­

- we found a way to show follows directly, without an up to 5min delay 
- our donation graduation got a big boost as well, you can now add unlimited graduations to your donation graduation. Different gif, sound, text and duration (so you can adjust it to each song speratly). We also added a random feature, this means if you make two graduations from 1 to 2 euro, our system chooses one of the given at random. This also happens if you overlap gradautions like 5­10 and another one from 7­15. We copied your existing ones, but please take a moment to check and test them, to see if the copying was done right.

As said in the beginning, we just started and we are grateful for any feedback, so if you have any wishes or ideas for new features, problems about exisiting ones or just want to chat about the weather do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected], Twitter, Skype or Facebook. 

Just a short list of Features to come this or next month
- open API
- desktop version of Tipeeestream combined with a feature of showing donations/subs and follows in the chat (optional)
- a list for subs/resubs and follows
- an integration of a "Strawpoll­Tool" that filters the answers of the chat and shows the result on stream

Thanks again for all the help provided through you ! 

Best regards,
your TipeeeStream­Team

Real time Alerts

New : Real time Alerts
We implemented real time alerts.
Subs/Donations will now be shown without any delay from TipeeeStream.
Just try the "widgets V2" in your Widgets section.

Multiple accounts

Multiple accounts :

It is now possible to connect your Tipeeestream account to more than one streaming service. For the moment the data of these two will merge, but in a few days the data can be splited.

Wanna add a new streaming service ? Click here

It is now possible to write a longer Description, if you want to explain your graduation or what you gonna do with the collected money.
Go to your donation settings !


The TextToSpeech functionality is temporary disabled on XSplit (Google asks for a captcha code now). Our team is working on it ! Thanks for your patience

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